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Metro Vancouver just launched a free new iPhone app to help people keep resources out of their trash.  Check out weRecycle on iTunes:


With weRecycle all you have to do is enter a material and hit search.  You’ll get a list of the closest donation and recycling facilities and a Google map that uses your iPhone’s current location.  Or you can enter another location like your home address.

I’m hoping you agree that weRecycle will help the region’s residents find convenient locations to donate and recycle unwanted materials, and that you’ll be kind enough to tell your social networks about it.

It’s fast, it’s free, it’ll move us closer to zero waste and we think it’s pretty awesome.


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Garbage Pick up

The City collects garbage and recycling each week for approximately 7,500 households.  There are limits and restrictions on items collected at the curb or lane for garbage, recycling and clean green.

Residential Garbage Collection

  • Receptacles should be placed at the lane or curb by 7:30 am on collection day.
  • Only 2 (two) standard bags/cans will be collected from single family dwellings.
  • For homes that contain a registered suite, a maximum of four standard receptacles will be collected each week.
  • City Garbage Bylaw defines receptacle as a watertight can or plastic bag with a capacity of two and one half cubic feet (75 liters or 15.6 gallons) and must not exceed 23 Kg or 50 lbs in weight.
  • Each additional standard receptacle should be tagged in order to have it collected on garbage collection day.
  • Tags for extra items may be purchased from City Hall or the Community Centres.

Commercial Garbage Collection

The City offers a garbage collection service to businesses.  For more information on garbage collection options and fees, please call Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691
Special Pick Up (SPU) Service

For larger items requiring disposal, the City may be able to offer a Special Pick Up (SPU) where the item(s) will be picked up from the curb for a fee.  Special pick up requests are initiated by the resident by calling Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691.  A quotation is placed in the resident’s mailbox and prior to collection, the service must be paid at City Hall, Finance Dept.

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