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Metro Vancouver just launched a free new iPhone app to help people keep resources out of their trash.  Check out weRecycle on iTunes:


With weRecycle all you have to do is enter a material and hit search.  You’ll get a list of the closest donation and recycling facilities and a Google map that uses your iPhone’s current location.  Or you can enter another location like your home address.

I’m hoping you agree that weRecycle will help the region’s residents find convenient locations to donate and recycle unwanted materials, and that you’ll be kind enough to tell your social networks about it.

It’s fast, it’s free, it’ll move us closer to zero waste and we think it’s pretty awesome.


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The City of New Westminster will soon be introducing automated collection of garbage and Clean Green waste for single-family residential customers. See below for details, or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

In April 2009, City Council approved a recommendation from staff to transition to automated waste collection, and authorized the purchase of new automated waste collection trucks. Since then, Engineering Operations staff have been busy putting things into place to make the new program a reality.

New Trucks on Order
Three new automated collection trucks have been ordered. The trucks are manufactured to order, and are expected to be delivered by about March 2010. These trucks will be used to collect garbage and Clean Green materials. Now that we know when the trucks will be ready, the rest of the plan to move to automated collection can begin.

The new trucks use a mechanical arm to do the heavy lifting. The arm works with specially designed carts that will be provided by the City to all single-family residential customers.

Collection Carts
Based on the feedback we got from residents during the public consultation phase in March, there is a preference for either the 120 L or 180 L carts for garbage. Almost everyone preferred the 180L cart for Clean Green. The Eco-size (120 L) holds the equivalent of about two large garbage bags, and the Standard (180 L) holds about three large garbage bags. To simplify the ordering process, and to reduce cart costs, all Clean Green carts will be 180 L. The majority of garbage carts will be 180 L as well, although residents will have an opportunity to request a change in size at the start of the program. The City will ensure that spare carts in the 120 L, 180L and 240 L sizes are available to accommodate this.

The cost of the carts will be spread over an extended period of time, to minimize the impact on utility rates.

Food Waste Collection on the Horizon
You may have heard that Metro Vancouver is planning to develop a composting facility that would be able to compost both Clean Green and food waste like meat, bones, vegetable scraps, and other kitchen waste that cannot be composted in your backyard. This is a big part of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge , which is lays out Metro Vancouver’s commitment to increasing the amount of waste that is diverted from landfills.

The switch to automated collection and year-round Clean Green collection means that the City will be ready to participate in the new composting program, once the processing facility is up and running. We will be keeping a close eye on the progress of the facility, to determine whether to include food waste pick-up with Clean Green when the automated program is launched in spring 2010. Stay tuned and check back often for updates on this exciting topic!

Need more information?
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the program, please email us at automatedwastecollection@newwestcity.ca for more information.

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