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At our Zero Waste  meeting on Monday night the Clean Bin Group introduced the Moukisac to us! We love it!

There is a group of us now getting our order together. I know I for one will stash these perfect little sacs with my reusable grocery bags that I take everywhere with me. I can hardly wait to add them to my arsenal of saving the planet shop by shop ;]

I sent out a mass email to my peers and pals with a link as well. I hope that they not only order the Moucisac but that they pass on the love to others. What a brilliant concept and business idea – I hope they grow and prosper!

Here is a bit of info on the Moukisac and a link to find out more:

Moukisac® is a 6 in 1 compact reusable shopping bag system.

Made in Canada and created by Vancouver designer Moukie, this versatile carry bag starts as a shoulder bag or sling bag, or can be worn as a waist pack to keep your cellphone, keys and wallet secure. It unfolds into a full-sized cloth shopping bag and includes 4 Moukinet drawstring mesh bags to hold produce and bulk foods.

For more info please visit their site at: Moukisac.

To visit their Blog please visit Moukisac Blog.

Cheers and have a great day!



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