100 Mile Diet Vancouver

The 100-Mile Diet Society and the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm have united to explore how sustainable agriculture can help reduce climate change and nurture the environment.

The “Foodshed Project” is building a strong sense of place so we can deepen our local and planetary connections. The food we eat is intimately linked to our landscape, history and communities.

What is a Foodshed?

“Foodshed” was first used 100 years ago to describe the global flow of food. The term has recently been revived to discuss local food systems and efforts to create more sustainable ways of producing and consuming. It is based on the concept of a watershed, which contains all the streams that feed into a larger river system or drainage place. Incidentally, the Georgia Basin watershed is quite similar to Vancouver’s 100-Mile Diet radius.

The Foodshed website

It’s a whole new way of exploring our foodshed. The map graphic on the home page illustrates the 100-mile radius around Vancouver. Click on the map to zoom in for a closer view, or use your mouse to scroll around to see the various types of fruits, vegetables, animals and marine life of this region. Each icon contains more information about the food and where to find it.

The website is a great place to start your learning journey, and the Vancouver 100-Mile Diet Foodshed Map will complete it—each source contains unique information, meticulously researched.

Vancouver’s 100-Mile Diet Foodshed Map

The poster we created takes bioregional mapping into the realm of art. It lays out the geography of our corner of the 100-Mile Diet region, combined with a food history you’ve never heard before.

The full-colour map is 27 x 39 inches, printed on 80 lb paper made of 100% post-consumer fibres and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We have used the most sustainably managed printer in this region, and the best available in recycled paper.

The 100-Mile Diet Society

Following the successful online local-food series The 100-Mile Diet, the 100-Mile Diet Society formed in 2006. It is a registered nonprofit administered by volunteer effort. Since 2006 it has managed a 15,000-member website, 100milediet.org, and founded the international 100-Mile Thanksgiving campaign. The organization has inspired tens of thousand of local-eating experiments from the individual to the community level, and is credited as one of the leading inspirations for the local food movement today.


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