Make your compost bin work

Compost bins can remove loads of waste and make loads of garden compost – a clean nutritious soil improver. All gardens thrive on garden compost – all soil types improve.


  • AUTUMN – sweep autumn leaves into bags and containers to make leaf mold or for composting later on.
  • Vegetable kitchen scraps, old plants and flowers provide continuous small amounts to compost.
  • SPRING – skim annual weeds into composter. Mix fresh grass with autumn leaves to make compost pile, ready by summer for autumn gardening. TIP: Spread leaves on lawn to mow into grass cuttngs.
  • SUMMER – Green manures nettles and comfrey cut from spring onwards keeps compost bin fired up.
  • In July / August cut hedges and shred into bags.
  • LATE SUMMER – Grass resumes growth. Mix cuttings with soft shredded hedge trimmings for an ideal green/brown mix for the compost bin.

Compost bins, worm bins and other techniques enable you to recycle on-site to get the nutrient value all over again – no noise, fuss, or carriage to recycling centres. Let’s start with compost making bins.

Different types of compost bin are used with different composting methods.  For more information on types of bins go here.

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