Week 9 – Recycled Toys

Ron, my husband, returned last night from a week in Seattle at a conference bearing gifts for us all. The toys for the kids did not contain one ounce of plastic packaging – on the contrary the toys were made from recycled plastic milk containers and came in 100% recycled boxes that could be recycled without any fuss.

Luka who is 2 received a green recycling truck to play with which reinforces his learning of the importance of our earth. He loves it. Of course Maxime loves it as well so they are fighting over it….sigh.

Maxime who is 5 received a set of 3 recycled plant pots to place on her sunny window sill. They are a sunny mellow yellow and she will learn not only about the beauty of natural dyes and recycling milk jugs (we drink 16 litres of milk a week) but also of how to care for a living plant. We will plant herbs so we can enjoy them in our meals as well.

It was such a relief to see such earth friendly toys. As I tidied up after the recycling was a breeze and not one stitch of the packaging had to go to the landfill.

Of course a better step to this would be purchasing gently used toys from the thrift stores. I have been doing more of this lately as well as giving our old toys away. This summer the kids are going to collect a large selection of their toys and donate them. I think they get the idea but I am waiting to actually see if they can part with them. I have told them nothing more comes into this house until something is given away.

So week 9 sees us moving forward in a deeper more thoughtful realm with our children as they get deeper into this challenge and learn very early the critical importance of rethinking how we consume.

Happy day!

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  1. Peter Cech says:

    What great gift ideas!

    If my wife and I buy plastic toys for our kids, we first look for gently used toys on web sites like Craigslist and Kijiji. No virgin materials required. Once the girls don’t play with those toys anymore, we post them for a minimal cost or for free. We’ve done the same for the girl’s bikes. A lot of the stuff we find is in nearly new condition for about half the cost – and we’re supporting re-use!

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