Pine Cat Litter

Reasons to Try This Alternative

Every cat owner is familiar with the smell of a litter box that needs to be cleaned. Traditional clay kitty litter doesn’t absorb any smells created in the litter box and it tends to turn into a gooey mess when it gets saturated. It then sticks to the bottom of the litter box and makes the smell even worse. Clay kitty litters get stuck to the bottom of the cat’s feet and then are tracked throughout the entire house. Pine pellet kitty litter is an alternative that is often overlooked. There are many benefits to using pine instead of clay litter.

Odor Control

Pine has a naturally pleasing scent and it overpowers the smell of urine that causes the majority of litter box odors. The odor problem that clay litters make worse is due to the urine being collected in a ball of clay. This ball holds in the smell and it then sits at the top of the litter box. Pine pellets break apart and turn into sawdust allowing the urine to dry and sink to the bottom of the litter box along with the smell.

Environmentally Friendly

Pine kitty litter is very safe for the environment. It is 100% natural and contains no chemicals. Pine is simply a wood product that is biodegradable so it won’t collect in a landfill site. No trees are cut down to make pine litters. Manufacturers often take pride in the fact that they use wood by-products that would otherwise be going to waste.

Less Mess

Pine pellet kitty litter does not get tracked through the house like traditional clay litters tend to. The pellets are too large to stick to a cat’s feet so they stay put in the litter box where they belong. When the saturated pellets turn into sawdust it falls to the bottom of the litter box and stays below the fresh pellets so even when the litter is used the sawdust will not get tracked around either.

Easier Cleaning

When litter boxes are cleaned out the mess has to be placed in a garbage can and the horrible smell still hangs around. If the bag is tied up and thrown out in the trash immediately it has caused yet another plastic bag to be wasted and sent to the landfill. When cleaning a litter box where pine pellet litter has been used the mess can be flushed down the toilet. Pine will not clog the drain because it turns into sawdust when it gets wet and will not clump like clay litters do. When it is time to completely empty the litter box it can be dumped outside and used as mulch in the garden or around trees and shrubs.

Healthy and Safe

Pine kitty litter is a much healthier alternative for both cats and their owners. Pine is a natural product and it is dust free. The dust from clay litters can cause respiratory problems in both animals and people; not to mention the mess the clay dust can leave in the house once it settles on furniture. Pine litter is a wood product and it does not contain any chemicals that could cause health problems for animals and people.

Other Litter Uses

Pine pellets can also be used in cages for small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, and ferrets. It can even be spread out along the bottom of birdcages to control messes. If a cat owner has other animals it is very convenient only having to purchase one type of litter.

Pine kitty litter is an excellent alternative litter choice because it is safe, clean, and easy to use. The environment will be thankful and so will cat owners who no long have to vacuum up kitty litter messes on a daily basis.

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