“For me, I was finally able to verbalize how I feel and have managed to reduce my garbage so much – the key I believe is to RETHINK.  Therefore, there would be 4 R’s in this order of importance:

                                                                        RETHINK, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

Rethinking has allowed our family to drastically reduce our waste output to only 8oz for a family of 6 last week.  Even my kids are catching on – two of them snuck out to Subway while Wade & I were out for dinner last night.  But their consciences told them to tell the server “no napkins and no plastic bag”, so they only had the paper wrap to dispose of when they brought it home, which fortunately was clean enough to go into paper recycling.  I also just found in the garbage on one of my “policing rounds” a waxy greasy package from microwave popcorn.  I believe we got it from Rogers from a free coupon.  I refuse to buy the stuff myself.  However, part of the rethinking philosophy for me is to learn to say no to the freebies.  I usually do, but there is pressure to say yes, so I try to respond with “I am trying to keep my garbage to a minimum, so no thank you”. 

This photo shows how a few little “slips” of conscience (and I’m going to blame this one on the kids) of fast food and convenience food produces a lot of garbage.  Our five days worth of regular garbage in the plastic bag on the right is outsized by the bulk of the four convenience food packing items on the left.  Hmmm… this is where the rethinking comes in, and the learning to say no next time.  Not always easy for everyone.”

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