Week 5 – Baseline Data Phase completed – now on to the challenge!

Woo! We did it!!

We managed to get through the baseline data collection phase. After the first few weeks of getting used to the oddity of actually weighing your garbage it has become rather routine. We have a place in the kitchen now for our bathroom scale and a process to follow including notes to remind us of the weights of the blue bin, compost pail, etc as well as the actual chart we jot down our numbers on to then transfer to the online data tool that is used to collect all our weights.

Last night we all gathered at our home to have the kick off meeting. The folks from the Clean Bin came and told us about their amazing year-long challenge and even brought their inspiring garbage pails of what they actually had to throw out after a year – they were small white bins only half full! Can we do this? Not sure but we are all going to give it a try. The Clean Bin crew also showed us a trailer to their film coming out – it is excellent and again there is that word – ‘inspiring’!

Peter from Metro was there also with our Green Cones in hand. The cones have been our groups biggest challenge. Where to put them, how much will they smell, with they attract rats, skunks, raccoons, etc? We even had a field trip to view a green cone from the Strathcona challenge and I think seeing it helped change a few minds. In the end we decided as a group that we would put the Green Cone in our cul-de-sac at the end of our street and see how it goes. We all agreed that if it became a problem we would remove it. The second cone will go in the back alley at another neighbours home for the other side of the street. There are instructions for using the Green Cone so we need to get that all together for everyone (has to in the sun, only put in a pail every day or so, no dog poop in our for this challenge, etc). We will set up a digging party for this Easter Weekend and get them in the ground so we can start using them. I am very excited about these cones as I think it will make a great reduction in our current garbage for meat and bones, etc.

Jane was great and very well-organized, as usual. She brought extra ice cream pails for everyone to use for their compost and found homes for the extra composters that the city gave to our group. Jane also went the extra mile and got a box full of shopping bags from Save On Foods and handed out to the group to start using instead of plastic bags!

So – we are ready!

I had a chat with my nanny today and went over what we should be aiming for and she was very sad to hear that I was cancelling my newspaper subscriptions! We recycle over 8 pounds of newsprint a week – I know I can reduce this without having the Sun every day. I will have to keep the Globe on Saturdays though…newspaper recycling is a whole other story for another post….

So – we begin – wish us all luck and send us encouragement as we march forward in our challenge!


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