Tips to reduce your waste – Go Organic

Does your concern for the environment extend to your food shopping? Find out more about the link between food and the environment with these tips on making your grocery shopping greener.
Green grocery shopping : Try to buy organic foods
How it helps: Organic food is grown without chemicals, which can be harmful to water systems. Organic farmers also take care to foster biodiversity and maintain healthy nutrient cycles in soil, so certified organic food has been produced in an eco-friendly environment. This is particularly important if you are buying produce from developing countries. Canada has higher food production standards than other nations and the term “organic” can carry even greater importance when applied to produce like bananas – buying organic bananas can mean fewer workers exposed to harmful pesticides.  Find out more:

Buy in bulk
How it helps: This is another way to reduce packaging. Jumbo boxes of items like cereal and snacks offer more food at a lower price and don’t require individual packaging. Better yet, grab your own reusable containers and head to your local bulk food store. Ask the cashier to weigh your containers and then fill them up with exactly the amount you need. You can often get the exact same foods, spices and ingredients in bulk as you can in predetermined packages.

Go veggie at least once a week
How it helps: Meat production can use up to 20 times as much energy and 10 times as much water as growing grain. Meat lovers can be a little greener by eating meals once or twice a week – they don’t have as great an impact on the earth and nobody is asking you to give up meat altogether.

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